We got your back! Here are some of the things that are happening in life right now and some random fun facts that every person should know!

*Many people are voting for Barack Obama to be the next president. Though many are on Hilary Clinton's side, Obama is in the lead. If elected president, he would be the first African-American prez in America!

*No matter how hard they try, emus and kangaroos can't walk, hop, or jump backwards. Talk about a u-turn.

*Kids grow quicker in the Springtime. Hmm. That's funny. I wonder why.......

*In Hawaii, their alphabet only has 12 letters!

*Do you hate crying from the smell of onions? Chew gum and you will be happy again!

*Guess what? Fish can cough! Haha!

*Every second, your eye makes 50 different movements.

*Did you know that when you chew gum, you burn 20 calories an hour?! Yummy!

*If you want to lose a little weight, try smelling a banana or an apple. Don't believe me? Go ahead. Try it.

(All information was found on www.Google.com and type in Snapple fun facts.